morning dew

Morning Dew (Stay beside Me)

It is what makes you awake and understood for what the loyalty is mean


Please don’t walk away and left me dreaming

There’s nothing that I could do without u                                 

Please don’t ever turn off the light

Coz I scare when night has come then I miss u                           


And I won’t ask for more

Just give me nothing but morning dew


Will you let it end when it just begin? 

Then open your hand and catch the rain when the sun – shine              

Have you ever feel that cold

When you think there is no one tight in your side                      


 Well I won’t ask you more   

  Just promise me to make it  

  Ooh…When you coming back for home

            And I want u to stay…please stay


Stay Beside me

Stay beside me                      

Stay beside me     

Just for the morning dew

seorang teman menulis ini tentang kesetiaan tiada batasnya,ia ungkap kan dalam sejuknya embun pagi……

    ruang psikedelia,30 maret 09


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2 Tanggapan to “morning dew”

  1. The most Herryhz Says:

    wow…good words hehe!!

  2. gema Says:

    yang ini rad, kueren..

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